Welcome to The Raffle: Your Chance Of A Lifetime.

Trust and show trust. Those are the rules of the New United States. Everyone must follow the rules.

In a dark vision of the near future, Los Angeles has become a desolate wasteland after a prolonged biological and nuclear attack that paralyzed California on a day that the rest of the nation celebrated independence. Now for the unlucky New Angelinos, there is only one way out: gain entry into the New United States through The Raffle.

When raffler Ramsey Arami finds himself with the winning number after ten years of trying, he sees it as the golden ticket to finally reunite with his wife and daughter in the New United States. That is, if he can follow the rules of the New United States.

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about the author

The real person behind Randy Smith (a pen name) was born in Downtown L.A. in 1977. An avid punk rock fan, Randy played in several punk bands in the early to mid 90s. In college, Randy specialized in international relations and history. After teaching for a year, Randy moved to Washington, D.C. for law school. Randy has been a practicing attorney for the past sixteen years.

“Randy Smith” was conceived four years ago when his creator quit driving to work and opted for public transportation instead. Ditching his car was a life-changing decision. The long cross-town commutes on L.A. Metro trains and buses allowed Randy the creative space he needed to write “The Raffle” series and several screenplays, including one film now in development. Randy is currently working on writing/screenwriting projects while still working as a full-time attorney and on his other passions: husband, standup comic/actor, law professor, public transportation activist, and podcaster.

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May 19, 2027: The United States is now The New United States. Los Angeles is mostly a wasteland after a multi-pronged biological, nuclear and electromagnetic pulse attack paralyzed and altered Southern California on July 4, 2016. Without electricity and under the influence of a virus heightening racial preferences, Southern California fractured into four distinct ethnic enclaves battling each other until the New United States provides an offer New Angelinos cannot refuse: The Raffle. After ten years, Ramsey Arami finally makes it to the final stage of the final and is “encouraged” by The New United States to write a letter to any family living in the New United States. Ramsey pens a letter to his wife and daughter living in the NUS having made a fateful and fortunate trip east without him on July 3, 2016. Ramsey explains the last ten years, but should he so blindly trust The New United States and the AI helping to secure its now closed borders? Will Ramsey be able to reunite with his family? When security is emphasized over freedom, what will navigating The New United States entail?

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