The End and the Beginning Are Here

The big day is here. Part 4 of The Raffle Novel is now out in the “real world” putting flesh, muscle and insanity on the bones of the world of The New United States of The Raffle Series. But I’m not blogging about specifics of the exciting progression and “conclusion” of Ramsey’s journey just yet. 

This post is to recognize this day and everyone reading this first blog post and The Raffle Series. Without the encouragement of the fans of The Raffle Series, the “Rafflers” as I like to call you, I wouldn’t have made it across the finish line of this almost 5 year process. So thank you all. 

And if you are wondering about how the story came about it or who Randy Smith is, please read the Media Kit available in the “Press” link. Within it are 16 Questions answering several of your questions. 

Since The Raffle was first published in January 2016, I have been posting stories on the Raffle Facebook page from the “real world” that have parallels to the world of The Raffle Series. I will continue to do so there as well as on Twitter @theraffle2027 and Instagram @theraffle2027. But I will also be posting some of those stories with longer editorials on this blog. 

I hope you follow this blog and get deeper into the world of The Raffle. There is more insanity and fun to come so stay tuned, Rafflers. 

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