Twisting The Bible to Support Beliefs, Part 1

In a small town in Michigan, a city council candidate has recently doubled down on her controversial stance that her town should remain white only. She is also opposed to race-mixing and biracial marriages. In support of her views, she “…contends the bible backs her beliefs.”
When I read this story and was able to recover from the initial shock, I immediately thought about The Raffle Novel. Throughout Part 4, The Covenant, Stefan, the skinhead and Christian Identity Church member, spews vile racist statements and bases them in religious beliefs. Noah, the black NHC (i.e., humanoid robot) cites a well-known passage from Jesus that most believe support the view that the Bible, Jesus and God are against racism: 
“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians Chapter 3, verse 28,” Noah says to Stefan.
Not to be outdone by a NHC, Stefan immediately responds with his own citation from the Bible that I think can be twisted to support the separation of nations, i.e., races, though I don’t know for sure if this is what racists like the Marysville, Michigan (Marysville, how appropriate) city council candidate use to support their beliefs:
 “And he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and…” Stefan paused at first and then screamed, “the boundaries of their dwelling place. Acts, Chapter 17 verse 26.” 
From my studies of the Christian Identity Church in drafting The Raffle, I understand they hold that Genesis 1:24, describing the creation of animals and how it occurs before the creation of Adam, includes a description of all nonwhite races. In their strongly-held view, only the white race descended from Adam, and all other races are viewed as a prior creation. These are the “Mud People” that Stefan and other Christian Identity Church members refer to.
There are many other instances in the “real world” of how the Bible is used to support racist beliefs. There is an excellent analysis on written by Karl W. Giberson, which also includes an explanation of how some racist church beliefs use the story of Noah’s Ark to support slavery. 
In The Raffle Novel, it is Noah that becomes fed up with the way humans treat each other and the NHCs. Without giving too much away, I note that Noah uses his own twisted interpretation of the Bible for how he should deal with humans. So, it’s not just racists twist the Bible for their own purpose.
This will not be the last post on Biblical Racism or the Christian Identity Church. I just felt so “inspired” by the racist idiot in Michigan to write something about it. I know The Raffle is fiction, but the truth is, it is really based on our sad reality. 

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