Area 51: September 20 Storm Watch, Post 3

I was scrolling through my Evernote file on interesting Raffle-related links and stories to tweet and post about when I came across a note from April 2019. It was a link to a Las Vegas Review Journal article from 2015 about Area 6. Yes, “Area” as in one of the 50 or so other Areas other than Area 51.

As I have been writing about since the Storm Area 51 event was announced in late June, Area 51 has been the climax site of The Raffle Novel for a long time now. And in the climax, the advanced, unmanned drones are central figures. Lo and behold, it appears such advanced technology is being tested near Area 51 at Area 6. And, as predicted and written in The Raffle Novel, there is a connection between the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository and Area 6 (and likely Area 51).

As the article notes:

“Flightglobal, an aviation industry website, noted a five-sentence description of the Area 6 ‘aerial operations facility’ found in a 7,500-page safety report on the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste project.

‘The purpose of this facility is to construct, operate, and test a variety of unmanned aerial vehicles. Tests include, but are not limited to, airframe modifications, sensor operation, and onboard computer development. A small, manned chase plane is used to track the unmanned aerial vehicles,’ reads the report Energy Department contractor Bechtel SAIC prepared in 2008 for the Yucca Mountain repository license application.”

And why is Area 6 even more secretive than Area 51? Is there another connection/prediction by The Raffle Novel? Perhaps the terrorist groups involved in the fictitious events of July 4, 20-6 really could have happened. As, the article notes, “‘There is a well-founded fear that evildoers are stalking around out there — ISIS and al-Qaida…You have to imagine that trying to develop targeting signatures in this type of mountainous desert terrain. That’s got to be a really high priority … not constrained by funding.‘”

Seriously, are you freaked out yet by the connections The Raffle Novel proffered that are proving to be true? Stay tuned for more truth and predictions Rafflers. We promise, you will continue to be blown away.

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