Area 51: September 20 Storm Watch, Post 4

It’s been a few days since my last Storm Watch post. And it appears Southern Nevada and the rest of the State is taking things seriously.

An article in The Atlantic warns that several local, state and federal agencies are planning responses to the potential raid. Also according to the article, the FBI’s getting involved. So, shit’s getting real over the coming Storm. And they should take this seriously. We all know Area 51 is a military base trespassers are warned that they deadly force is possible. We don’t want bloodshed when it can be avoided.

But what about a party? Where do those festivals stand? As of now, the projected number of people showing up somewhere near Area 51 is 30,000. And there are two events planned so far, both in Lincoln County. One will be held at the Alien Research Center in Hiko with more lectures and discussions and the other will be in Rachel and will be more like a typical EDM/rave.

The worry is this could turn into another Fyre Festival because there are few services, no nearby hospitals and little running water near Area 51. Hopefully, September 20 will be a day of exchanging interesting ideas and friendly hallucinations, rather than bloodshed and peril. We certainly don’t want anything like the Rogues living in Yucca Mountain in The Raffle Novel to be replicated in the desert with the world watching.

We’ll keep watching and commenting Rafflers. Stay tuned.

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