Area 51: September 20 Storm Watch, Post 5

September 20 is less than a week away and there are some interesting updates to report.

First, Bud Light has released limited edition Alien-themed cans in honor of an event it is sponsoring on September 19 in Las Vegas, the day before the “raid.” The September 19th event is also interesting because it is now being supported by the two “hosts” of the “raid” event on Facebook. They originally teamed up with the owner of the Little A’Le’Inn, in rural Rachel, Nevada to host “Alienstock on September 19-21. But, fears that the insufficient infrastructure to support thousands of people in Rachel could quickly become a Fyre Festival 2.0 lead Matty Roberts and Brock Daily to join forces with Bud Light and Collective Zoo to host an event at the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center the day before the raid and to avoid the raid completely. Here they are explaining how the raid became a music festival. Thankfully, no one on this world can drink enough Bud Light to get drunk enough to do something stupid like the raid itself on September 20.

Lack of infrastructure notwithstanding, supposedly Alienstock is still happening. Another event will be occurring in Hiko, Nevada at the Alien Research Center. That event is scheduled for two days and will have music and speakers, including director Jeremy Corbell, whose movie on Netflix about Bob Lazar was the impetus for the original raid. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I highly recommend it, even if you don’t believe in aliens, which I don’t, Bob Lazar is a fascinating character.

And some morons are already getting arrested trying to storm Area 51. A pair of Dutch You Tubers are now in Nye County custody for trespassing.  And if you are wondering about the legal implications of Storming Area 51, thankfully a lawyer has analyzedit. And yes, deadly force is allowed, though very unlikely. 

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