Area 51: September 20 Storm Watch, Post 6

Tomorrow is the big day, and yes I know tomorrow is September 19th and not the 20th, which was the day the Storm Area 51 Raid was supposed to happen per the original Facebook “joke” event. BUT, tomorrow is the day several events are “supposed to” happen. I quoted supposed to because there is a hell of a lot of confusion out there.

During a podcast/post on KUNR, a public radio station in Nevada, it was quoted that “Alienstock” had been canceled. However, if you click the site for the Little A’Le’Inn, in rural Rachel, “Alienstock is still happening between September 19-21. Perhaps because there are two competing events, a Budlight cosponsored event held tomorrow that the two cohosts of the original Storm event are now hosting in Las Vegas, and an event in Hiko, Nevada at the Alien Research Center, there is too much competition and false rumors are being spread? Because according to, Alienstock is happening and it has profiled the music acts playing.

It’s more than interesting that a joke event that was supposed to uncover the alien conspiracy at Area 51 has plenty of its own conspiracies. And in another odd twist of events, one of the most well-known keepers of Area 51 mythology and a resident of Rachel, Joerg Arnu, is begging people not to storm Area 51. Check out for more about Arnu and his passion for Area 51.

I’m sure there will be more posts tomorrow and through the weekend on the events and craziness. We’re hoping everything will be okay in the State of Nevada this weekend and there only be fun had by all.

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