Area 51: September 20 Storm Watch, Post 7

In a few minutes it will be September 20. The day of the home raid on Area 51. Festivities have supposed to have kicked off already today and tonight in Las Vegas and in Rachel. And tomorrow the other event kicks off in Hiko. Two events are in the middle of nowhere Nevada with very little infrastructure. But officials are reporting they are prepared.

We shall learn tomorrow and this weekend provides to those in the desert. However, one of the main worries attendees of any of the desert events is the wildlife, which consists of wild cows, insects and snakes. The other worry is traffic. Just how may people will show up in the desert tomorrow and this weekend is anyone’s guess. The big winners of this silliness are the marketing geniuses taking advantage of the phenomena in the desert.

Besides the pain the residents will feel of the strain on the sparsely populated towns will feel this weekend, the other loser in this fiasco maybe Facebook as the Lincoln County District Attorney is considering filing charges against the company. So, even when this weekend is over, the ramifications of the “raid” will still be felt well into next week and beyond.

We will continue to watch and comment. Be safe everyone. Please.

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