Area 51: September 20 Storm Watch, Post 8

Whew! September 20 is now behind us and thankfully nothing crazy happened. Well, not totally crazy. As CNN has reported, People did show up to the Nevada desert, there were a few arrests and there was at least one Naruto runner, but that’s about it.

All of the warnings and preparation seems to have been heeded. Authorities taking the Storm Area 51 event seriously prepared the approximately 3,000 attendees to be in a cooperating and jovial mood, rather than subversive. So how did the day breakdown?

Rather than millions showing up outside of the actual gates of Area 51, only approximately 150 appeared within sight. Of the 150, approximately 75 approached the gates. And they appeared very early in the morning on September 20, as early as 3:00 a.m.

But what about the festivals? Well, they did occur and apparently Paul Oakenfold played at the event in Hiko, though there were few people actually there. That’s really disappointing because nothing feels more out of this world then listening to trance in the middle of the Nevada desert. And in Rachel, Alienstock did happen, though it was calmer event than expected. And in Las Vegas, the festival there is still happening, so there will be more to report after the weekend.

Here’s hoping things continue to remain and calm and subdued in and around Southern Nevada this weekend.

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