Area 51: September 20 Storm Watch, Post 9

This may be the final Storming Area 51 post, though I suspect there could be more aftermath stories released soon. We will keep watching.

One of the two festivals happening in the desert canceled itself on Saturday after failing to garner a sizable crowd with the Grammy-ward winning international deejay Paul Oakenfold on Friday night. The “Area 51 Base Camp” event in Hiko fizzled quick like a fading sparkler with the event organizers admitting that they gambled and lost.

In related news, a tweet of the threat of a stealth bomber on Area 51 stormers caused alarm bells and then apologies. Also, as was feared by several people familiar with the desert surrounding Area 51, wild cows were struck and killed by motorists. Thankfully, the motorists are safe.

There is very little news about the events occurring today, Sunday September 22, if they actually occurred. It seems the passing of September 20th and the lack of massive crowds and problems in the Nevada desert has resulted in a lack of news interest. Perhaps it’s because no one found aliens or other life forms they were hoping for. Then again, Area 51 stayed unmolested.

In The Raffle Novel, there are no aliens at Area 51. It is the birthplace of the advanced drones and the NHCs (the humanoid robots in the Series), and so Area 51 plays a central role and is the subject of its own storming event. But The Raffle is fiction. And we are glad that in real life, no storming occurred. Whatever is being built at Area 51 today is being built for a reason. A reason we may never know, which we may be better off for.

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