Robot Love: Part 2

In Part 4 of The Raffle Novel, Stefan lets Ramsey in on a “dirty little secret” (hat tip to my friends at KissFm Seattle) in The New United States. Notwithstanding the projected piety in the NUS, sex with robots is a thing:
“Robo titties feel better than real ones. And hers looked juicy.”
“I was feeling her heart, asshole. I wasn’t molesting her.”
“Whatever man. I ain’t passing judgment. She’s one of the finest I’ve seen and I’ve had my share of the plasties. They’re better than these godless river rats around here.”
He was really annoying me with talking sexually about Sarah, but I desperately wanted to rid myself of the awkward discomfort over what just happened. I holstered the gun in my waist and kept a hand near it.
“You’ve had sex with NHCs?” I asked with a disgusted look planted across my face.
He looked at me like I was from another planet.
“You think NHCs are the only bots around?”
My thinking behind adding this element to The Raffle Novel is it really wouldn’t be the future without sex with robots. Because sex robots are already “a thing” in 2019. It’s big business (around $30 billion dollars) and is typically referred to as “sex tech.” I am not advocating for sex with robots. I’m simply observing what’s happening in our “real world” and playing it out in the world of The Raffle Novel.
As discussed in this Daily Star article, companies like Silicone Lovers and others are partnering with AI manufacturers with factories resembling a scene from “Westworld.” And what these companies are focused on is “hyper-realism.”
Of course, when it comes to robots that are substituting in for a human counterpart, the more real the better. Put another way, the more you can convince a lonely person his or her robot is real, the “happier” the person will be with their illusion. Just like the prisoner on the Twilight Zone episode “The Lonely” I’ve discussed previously.

The impacts on our society will be interesting to see. I could see some good coming from robots that are substitutes for companionship, which is Ramsey’s and Sarah’s story line I will be playing out in The Raffle’s future. My worry is if these sex ‘bots become sex slaves, and our society allows it to happen, how will the power the enslaver feels he or she has spill over into and effect the fabric of our society? The mental effects of the power over a being that mirrors a human must be studied and addressed. Otherwise our future could be darker than The New United States.

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