Robot Love: Part 3

This post could probably be called “Robot Control” with a big, bold question mark after “Control”, but I need to stay consistent. And, couldn’t, in some instances, the word “control” be a substitute for the word “love”?

In The Raffle Novel, the NHCs are the not-so secret security force of The New United States. They are perfectly humanoid in their appearance and have been secretly created for decades at Area 51. The New United States integrates them into the fabric of society after the terrible tragedy that occurred in Los Angeles on July 4, 2016 shifted the course of history for the United States and our protagonist, Ramsey Arami.

We learn in Part 2 that NHC stands for “non-human capital.” Capital, as in ownership, as in control. While Sarah and Ramsey travel from Camp Pendleton, and Noah enters the story in Part 4, we also learn the NHCs have been programmed to strictly by the Ten Commandments and other Biblical teachings. So, The New United States embedded a “moral code” into each NHC as a way to exert control over them. If that sounds waaaay to science fiction-y, then please read on. But this is another correct prediction in The Raffle.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently called for the international community to create and implement a set of “moral rules” for interactions between humans and AI. The article further noted that there have been demands to the United Nations to ban battlefield robots. The fear being that robots in war would be as a revolutionary as gunpowder and nuclear weapons.

In The Raffle Novel, such a ban doesn’t occur. Even if it did, the New United States was no longer a member of the United Nations by the time it released the NHCs. It is the NHCs that are the elite soldiers of the NUS. And the NUS realizes they must be controlled more directly by direct occupation of NHC bodies. What better way to show love then by merging two beings to become one, just like a marriage.

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