Twisting The Bible to Support Beliefs: Part 2

Greetings Rafflers. We have an excellent example of “Twisting The Bible to Support Beliefs” today. This one comes from a “celebratory” Twister: one of President Trump’s “spiritual advisers.”

Robert Jeffress is warning Jews in the United States that if they vote Democrat, God will curse them. Jeffress invoked Abraham in Genesis 12 to support his “cursing claim”: “I will bless those who bless you and your descendants and I will curse those who curse you and your descendants.” He also calls Bernie Sanders illiterate in his ability to read the Old Testament (at least as well as Jeffress does we presume) and several other warnings.

Jeffress previously used the Bible to provide Trump with the spiritual okay to take out North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un. Jeffress justified his “spiritual thumbs up” with Romans 13, a biblical passage that apparently the government authority to deal with evildoers.

In Part 1 of The Raffle Novel, North Korea piggy-backs on ISIS’s attack on Los Angeles on July 4, 2016 and launches an EMP strike to nullify anything of an electric nature in Southern California. And in Part 2 of The Raffle Novel, we learn the fate of North Korea. Perhaps Romans 13 was used as authority to eliminate North Korea in the world of The New United States. It is crazy how much our “real world” continues to resemble the whacky world of The Raffle Novel.