Is The Raffle Novel Anti-Climatic?

A recent review of The Raffle Novel on Amazon and Goodreads said the following: “It was a bit anticlimactic for me.” First, I appreciate anyone taking the time to read The Rafffle and then to put a review on Amazon and Goodreads, even a “decent” review, is absolutely the greatest thing someone can do for an indie author. But I do want to address the anticlimactic statement.

I agree with the reviewer that the very ending may be “a bit” anticlimactic. However, it is purposely anticlimactic because The Raffle Novel is one chapter in Ramsey’s tale in The New United States. Yes, in the final chapter of the Novel you get questions answered, at least by Miller (so, can we really trust his answer?). But, Ramsey and Sarah are starting a new journey as observers of the NUS plan to outlaw religion, take firm control of The New United States by abolishing the subsidiary system and begin the transfer of humans into the NHCs.

The Raffle will continue as a podcast (or a micro-cast as the episodes will be no longer than ten minutes) and there will be some written material as well.

To anyone out there reading The Raffle, I thank you for reading it. It means a lot to me and I promise that the story will continue to be thought-provoking and entertaining in the next phase of The Raffle.