The Coronavirus and The Raffle Novel: Part 2

Greetings Rafflers. It’s been a few weeks since the last post discussing the parallels between the MV2016 Virus in The Raffle Novel and the Coronavirus. I’ve been busy watching the world react to the Coronavirus and other events that appeared unrelated to me, though “religious” others are interpreting otherwise. And they see these events as the prelude to Jesus Christ’s return.

Coronavirus has now (officially) claimed at least 1300 lives in China alone. I flagged “officially” because that is the number the Chinese government is providing to the world. And while Coronavirus is wrecking havoc on nerves globally, there is another event striking fears of “biblical” proportions: billions of locusts.

These “grasshoppers” are eating their way through crops in East Africa. And, if you know anything about locusts, they have long struck fear in the hearts of the God-fearing people. These little buggers have their own special place in the Rapture: they come with the sounding of the Fifth Trumpet, or so says Revelations Chapter 9:1-12.

The other event scaring some of the world towards preparing for the end of times are the current troubles in Iran. Many fear that the wars discussed in Matthew 24:6 are in fact the current strikes between the United States and Iran.

So how does The Raffle Novel play into this? WARNING: What follows is a spoiler alert.

For those that have completed the novel, you know that the Christian Identity movement believes Christ’s return to Earth will occur on June 19, 2027. And their plan to usher in their own strategic hierarchy to rule with Christ over the “mud people” is to destroy Area 51 (the true brain center of The New United States). Thankfully, Ramsey and Noah stop them just in time. But that was in the “fictional” world of The Raffle.

Back to our real world: With some people believing that Christ will return soon, what kind of crazy things will be seeing fanatics doing to perpetuate Christ’s return? And who will be our real-life Ramsey and Noah to stop them?