The Coronavirus and The Raffle Novel: Part 3

With each passing day, the world becomes more infected. And the resulting fear is more pervasive. The stock market had a down week last week. Treasury yields, which are a bell weather of fearful times as scared investors buy government bonds even more when shit is hitting the fan globally. One of primary reasons why is the spread of the Coronavirus.

Here are some fearful highlights (taken primarily from a Time magazine article) from this past week, which is making our real world a closer reflection of the world in The Raffle Novel:

1. The Virus’s official name is COVID-19, eerily similar to the MV2016 Virus in The Raffle Novel, don’t you think?

2. As of February 19, COVID-19 has infected more than 75k people and has killed over 2k people. In The Raffle Novel, MV-2016 most of Southern California, which resulted in a fractured racial war where millions were killed.

3. Borders of over 50 countries are currently closed to anyone from or having visited China, though that may be expanded to all of Asia. In The RaffleNovel, upon the conversion to The New United States in early 2017, the US borders were closed to the entire world, with the single exception of the City of Las Vegas (as briefly discussed in Part 4: The Covenant).

4. The Tokyo Olympics may be moved as Japan has the second highest rate of COVID-19 infection in the world. In all likelihood, with our current administration, my guess is we force the Olympics to be in the United States or we cancel, and without US involvement, the 2020 Olympics will be forever asterisked much like the 1980s Moscow Olympics when the US and 66 other countries boycotted the games in Moscow to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. In The Raffle Novel, though it hasn’t been discussed (yet), the Olympics are no longer held as The New United States will not participate.

5. Dozens in towns in Italy are quarantined, shutting down schools and other public acces. In The Raffle Novel, when The New United States shuts its borders, most other countries follow suit.

I hate to be the bearer of scary, bad news, but the reality is that The Raffle Novel is becoming less and less fiction, and more like a journal of the world that we are becoming. There are still 7 plus years ahead in The Raffle Novel, so one of two things will happen:

1. Everything will become better in our real world;


2. The worse is yet to come.