The Night Before The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime

Greetings Rafflers. So much has happened since my last blog post back in late February. Being ever so focused on the present and the future and how quickly things can spin out of control, it should come as no surprise that the COVID-19 world first being documented here has played out the way it has.

So many troubling themes and things played out in The Raffle Novel have become real life: a mysterious virus that makes us fear the other, quarantines, rampant racism, subversive groups, government lockdowns, drone enforcement, the rise of white supremacy, riotings, among many others….all have roots in The Raffle.

Still, the number one “prediction” from Part 1 of The Raffle may end tomorrow: The Trump Presidency. Unfortunately, he has warned that he will not go easily should he be legally electorally beaten. Could we be seeing the beginnings of The New United States over the next few weeks? Will our beloved Republic survive or will it get refashioned into a corporate-like structure with Trump as CEO?

I fear many of the subversive groups that play a material role in The Raffle Novel may be playing a role in “our country” and this election over the next few weeks, months, possibly years. But, like Ramsey finally did when buried under discarded NHC body parts in Yucca Mountain, I’m praying to God that all will be ok. I may rub a few rabbit’s feet and hunt for four leafed clovers in the meantime too.

I wish you all well. I wish our country well. I wish every single American citizen well tomorrow, even the ones I don’t agree with. Because, in the end, I want to live in THE UNITED States of America, not The NEW United States in The Raffle Novel.

God bless America.