January 6, 2021 Could Be The Most Critical Day In U.S. History

Happy 2021 Rafflers. Like you, I’m happy to have 2020 in the past. So many things went wrong last year, but there is still hope for our future. In addition to vaccines for COVID-19 being produced and distributed (although due to lack of proper federal planning/support, the rollout has been a failure) our nation elected Joe Biden to replace Donald Trump as its next president. But, of course, mirroring a dystopian novel like The Raffle Novel, Trump and his supporters (both the vocal and the silent ones I’m the most fearful of) are refusing to accept defeat. Even more disturbing is Trump recently being caught on tape pressuring Georgia election officials to “find” the votes he needs to overturn Georgia’s electoral votes for him.

With the vast majority of legal attacks on the election results having been squashed, Trump and his believers won’t concede. And several members of the Republican Party are calling for various responses, including Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) interpreting the most recent legal setback as a call to arms.

So what is so critical about January 6? It is the day VP Pence, as the President of the Senate, will preside over the ceremonial counting of the Electoral College votes, which have already certified Biden’s victory. Almost a dozen Republican Senators have pledged to reject the results when Congress meets on January 6 to count the Electoral College votes and certify President-elect Joe Biden’s win. So, with Gohmert’s call to arms and the Senators refusal to accept the results, Trump is emboldened to keep up the fight, even though it could result in bloody protests that could fracture this country.

Indeed, Trump has tweeted his support for street protests planned for Jan. 6 in D.C., during which his supporters will reportedly try to stop lawmakers from getting to the Capitol and finalizing the election results. And the Proud Boys are already in DC waiting to rush the streets, incognito.

So, Rafflers, with this month being the 5th Anniversary of the release of Part 1 of The Raffle Novel, will we witness the fracture of our country on January 6 that could eventually lead to something resembling The New United States? For the sake of all of us and the rest of the world, I sincerely hope to be proven wrong and that the NUS being chalked up as a figment of my paranoid imagination.

Stay tuned Rafflers because while January 6 is critical important, I believe Inauguration Day, January 20th, may be just as critical.